18.36.54 House by Daniel Libeskind — Modern Work Of Art Set In Nature


Faustian urGe

Given reaction to recent posts about Daniel Libeskind on Faustian urGe, the situation is quite clear that this genius simply does not resonate with many individuals (they just don’t get it), even while he is universally recognized by design intelligentsia. In that regard, after my original posting about his Dresden Museum nearing completion, I followed up with a look at a series of his designs. Now, having posted a follow up for the opening of that completed Libeskind Dresden Museum and further subsequent negative reactions (that I declined to post as comments), I feel compelled to explore further one of my favorites within his repertoire: the 18.36.54 House by Daniel Libeskind. — To Daniel… Carry On, Sir!

The remarkable 18.36.54 house designed by architect Daniel Libeskind is sited on 54 acres with large oak trees and historic low stacked stone walls establishing a dynamic and appealing juxtaposition between the rustic…

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