Tuhan Dengar Doaku:)


Tuhan Dengar Doaku

Mengenal-Mu di hidupku,
anug’rah indah bagiku,
dan tak akan pernah terganti.

bersamaMU ku jalani,
hidup yang sungguh berarti,
Kau b’rikanku kasih sempurna.

ku tahu Tuhan dengar doaku, ku tahu Tuhan dengar keluhku,
dan Kau b’rikan RohMU yang s’lalu kuatkanku,
ku tahu Tuhan lihat semua tetes air mata dan luka,
dan ku tahu pasti, Yesus yang belaku,
dan ku tahu pasti, Tuhan Yesus jawab doaku.

Sebab mata Tuhan tertuju kepada orang-orang benar, dan telinga-Nya kepada permohonan mereka yang minta tolong, tetapi wajah Tuhan menentang orang-orang yang berbuat jahat (1 Petrus 3 : 12)

Lilac and spring daydreams



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It’s spring!

I know, I know . . . another post about winter being over. But seriously: this one was one for the record books, and I’m just so thrilled it’s over. As temperatures reached (and have stayed) above the 60-degree mark since Monday, I’m prepared to declare the cold vanquished and prepare for some sunshine, sandals and ice cream.

(By the way, these photos are totally of my mother-in-law’s stunning lilac from last year . . . but let’s pretend, shall we? The buds of trees are only just starting to open now, and I have absolutely zero photogenic shots to share.)

In less than two weeks, Spence and I will be taking our first non-honeymoon trip as Mr. and Mrs. — up to spend time with his parents in Western New York! And to pop up to Niagara-on-the-Lake for a few days of walking, talking, eating, hanging and…

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